Monday, November 22, 2010

Season 3 Ep.10 : Which one?

Which one between these two do you think is more appropriate and practical action in moving on from somebody?

Talk like usual (be neutral)


Less and less contact (or no contact at all)


Friday, November 19, 2010

Season 3 Ep.9 : If Forgetting Is That Easy

I have been watching some comedy romantic movies lately.
So last two nights, it was Flipped(2010) and last night; The Notebook(2004).
[thanks for suggesting these movies >.<]

So for tonight, it's "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind".
It's a story between nice Joel(Jim Carrey) and impulsive Clementine(Kate Winslet). So one day Clementine had a fight with Joel and she ended up having Joel erased from her mind. How?

So here's the deal; first of all, collect all those things related to your memories. next, bring them to the clinic which has the service of erasing your memory. They will map your brain which holds the memory with the person. When you want to sleep, take a pill prescribed to you. Later when u fall into deep sleep, their technicians will break into your home, set up some gadget-ty devices to your head and start deleting your memories. Simple isn't it?

Nevertheless, I am not to narrate the whole story or write a review here.
Watch it yourself or use Wikipedia.

The idea of erasing memories actually amuses me.
If the thing is really exist, I think I would go for that.
My friends would surely do that. :P

But to think again, if forgetting is that easy,
there will always be same easy chance of falling in love again,
and easy chance of being torn, hurt again.

Camne tu?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Season 3 Ep.8 : Note to Self and You

Please... please... please...

before you say or type something.

Some people are not ready to listen and digest the fact just yet.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Season 3 Ep. 7 : Rezeki jangan dipersoal

kau ada kereta, aku cuma naik basikal karat
kau ada awek cun, aku skandal pun tak ada
kau score A* selalu, aku cuma harap lulus
kau rambut cantik, aku skin
kau peramah, aku pemalu
kau pakai laptop canggih, branded, aku pegi library je
kau handphone touch screen, aku cuma press keypad
kau body cantik, aku ni sebungkus tulang/segelen lemak
kau ramai friends kat FB, aku ni family ngan schoolmates je
kau pakai baju cantik, aku taram je mana ada
kau tiaptiap minggu balun kfc/mcd, aku mcEndon jadi pilihan

dan banyak lagi

walau banyak kelemahan,
kecacatan aku
walau banyak kelebihan,
keistimewaan kau

aku syukur, kau syukur.
kita sama saja akhirnya.