Thursday, February 2, 2012

Season 3 Episode 16 : Housemate


Season 3 Episode 15 : To It

October 2011

Class almost ceases. More free time, but never enough. Every revision is like a new thing.
"WT* is this?"

Almost gave up.
Hair was falling.
Late nights were frequent. discovered.

Soul was taken.

Sis got engaged
The first of all in the family.

November 2011

7.00 a.m. papers.
Snickers bars and milk for breakfast.
The mathematical studies deception.

Cold exam hall.

Post-exam activities.
AUSMAT Grand Dinner.
Cool outfit.
Got myself my first contact lenses.
Camwhore-ing here and there.

Got home.
Bored, no geng around.
Late night stay-ups.

and many more holiday-related paraphernalia.

December 2011

Counting days.
Overthinking of what-ifs
Denials and distractions.
Insomniac and feeling-less.
Mood swing.

Results day.
Passed the requirement.
Way better than expectation.
Thank you to all lecturers.
Updated FB status, texted some friends
Went back to sleep.

Of congratulating
and comforting.

Found out my scoliosis.
Mild, not threatening.

January 2012

New year. Heh.
Confirmed placement at University of Otago
Went to Selset Subang for the first time.

Document this, document that.
Contacted seniors.

Sister got married.
New family member.
Muni & Luqman.
Now give me a nephew.

Called for pre-departure briefing by JPA.
Bought a navy blue suit.
Got allowances and flight dates.
Visa approved.


Now I can finally answer your question,

It is confirmed

13 February 2012
ETD 2150, KLIA.

Jika ini jalanku, permudahkanlah segala urusanku ya Allah.