Wednesday, March 25, 2009

so it was like pouring water to the yam leaves~ ahaks

now, finally the ASEAN Quiz 2009 is OVER. After two days consecutively answering, swearing... it's finally OVER. duh... haha... so it was all like pouring water to the yam leaves... for most i can say. The asean quiz is divided into three sections, which is objective, true-or-false and essay. i think it's all depends on the essay since it carries 50 marks from it. and i screwed it up.

enough on the quiz. yesterday, i was told that my marks for chemistry was 69. what? omg... but they said there will be addition n bonus marks. ok fine, but 69? omg, i've messed with my exam... it's true. i didn't get to read much before taking the exam. becoz of hksbp. after this, i will not take exam earlier...

and after this, our school will be holding SORU VI Carnival. yeah. meaning more works and less time to study. what is actually SORU? ala. mcm hari kantin la jugak. but it's more to carnival. kire macam hari usahawan + hari kantin la. FYI, SORU = School Open Recreation Union(ntah.. aku pun tak paham pe maksud die).. and for this year, we wouldn't have the Raja Lawak like before, but we will have Battle of The Bands instead. Raja Lawak was ridiculous and serabut. I think it's because it's hard to make people laugh and at the same time, without making yourself look very fool. people will get bored as the jokes/sketches are repeated ones. and the prefects will be handling the SORU.
The SORU VI Committee is headed by Ilman assisted by Nizar. I will be the treasurer and Wan will be the S/U. I will be working with the Sponsor and Publicity Bureau. our job is to collect, find, beg as much $$$ as we can. and i have to record all the incomes and outcomes. but now, we're still clueless about our budget and how much we should spend.

ok, it's time for me to be clueless about what i'm going to type. till then, babai!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

x lame dah...


Sekejap sahaja bulan 3 kan. sekarang ni dah tgh bulan 3 dah. maksudnya spm pun tak lama lagilah. dlm 8 bulan saja lagi. klu trial, lagi 5 bulan sahaja lagi. ketakutan tu semakin terasa, semakin menebal. tapi lucu ya, wajah kita tak sikit pon menggambarkan kerisauan dan kegelisahan yang dialami. seolah-olah kita sahaja, memejam mata; buat-buat tak tahu. pabila ditanya, kita cuba mengelak. bukannya apa, keseronokan lain tu rasa payah nak tinggal. tmbah lagi, result kita yang 'ok je' tu menambah kelekaan kita. kita terlalu selesa dengan apa yang kita capai. tapi kalau tak buat camni, x jadi kerja pulak. ye la, asyik takut je. Pelajaran pon terganggu nanti. aku ngaku, kalau orang tanya apa target aku, aku akan jawab str8 10A1. tapi dalam hati, aku ragu-ragu, gusar dengan cabaran yang aku bagi dkt diri sendiri. boleh ke? jadi rakan-rakan sekalian, minta bantuan korang untuk sama-sama berusaha mencapai target kita, ok?


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

= addiction to estrella =

don't know why lately i'm sooooo into this band~

nice kan? plus with liyana so cute :P

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Assalamualaikum wbt~

The HKSBP Nothern Zone is now OVER!!! 

As expected, we didn't make it to the next round... it's ok. it's just for the northen region.. i'm still new, i was the black sheeep of the house... i was the cause of the loss... another reason is the controversial match with the MCKK... and i don't want to create havoc here by displaying my comment over here... pm me @ ym if u want to know... and for english debate, the final is SERATAS against MCKK... and the funny and wild thing that we (as SYTRA would always do) did is to support SERATAS(by making alphabetical banner)  as to intimidate MCKK... nk tau camne kami wat? bila masa seratas, kami angkat banner tu... bila time mc, kami cepat2 bwk turun banner, syhhhh. down..down... hahak... it was all the ungkus' idea .. dia ngan adik dia la. tapi adik dia tak join pon... segan katenye... korang bygkan la, when it came to seratas, u could hear the whole hall was going to collapse...(hiperbola je... maksud dia orang tepuk kuat la...) especially masa bapoo... masa MCKK xde la sgt... kira kami la leader... SMSAH yang blkg kami pon tepuk kuat gak... rasanya sbb diorg kalah dgn mc jgk kot... although SERATAS didn't win over MCKK, kire ok la... we've done our part... SERATAS was emotional during the debate... if they could relax a lil bit, the victory would be theirs. And for debate BM, STAR won over SMSAH.. quite shockiing becoz STAR was keep offering irrelevant POIs. and they wouldn't answer any izin laluan unless they has finished elaborating their points. and one thing being controversial, is the cancellation of the match agains SEMESTI and STAR.. because of judges problem... 

so, this is the result of the HKSBP:

1. Debate BI = MCKK won over SERATAS in the motion THBT Prosperity in Our Country is Equally Distributed To The Citizens

2. Debate BM = STAR won over SMSAH in the motion Tribunal Pengguna Mampu Mempertahankan Hak-Hak Pengguna (rsenye la...)

3. Basketball (BOY) - MCKK won over STAR (27-10)

4. Basketball (GIRL) - SEMESTI won over SERATAS : 18 - 10

And the heartiest congratulations to the SYTRA basketball team The TITANS for being in the SEMI FINAL for both boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!! U guys did well and and God willing, FINAL for next year!!!! Yeyearghhh!!

and the warmest appreciation for SMSTSSS HKSBP Committee. U guys did great job and u were so helpful, so handsome, so pretty(hahaha) and u made us fell in love with SOKSEK... 

here are some gr8 photos during the HKSBP northen zone in SMS Tun Syed Syeh Shahabuddin



basket boy

db8 wif mckk

unity and the white pants~

deb8 bm

wif old friends, SERATAS

a night at B.P. ... wif ustazah rock~~ hehe